Sailing and Rowing Program

Sailing is a lifelong journey. Come with us on a journey.

Sailing and Rowing Program

Our sailing and rowing vessels are available for qualified member use.

These vessels include:

    • O’Day Day Sailer, sloop
    • Xcite 10; Cat rigged dingy
    • Mutineer-15; fractional rig sloop, no spinnaker
    • H-23; lug rigged schooner(*)
    • Heritage-23; rowing – four oar, four rower plus coxswain
    • Penobscot-14; rowing – one rower, or two rowers plus optional coxswain
    • USCG Dory; rowing – four oar, four rower plus coxswain

Members must show certification or demonstrate to HCS&R satisfaction skill level required to sail and/or row these vessels.
HCS&R expects that the use of our vessels will be fun, recreational and safe as well as that the vessels will be treated with great care
and that the safety policy will be followed. Members using the vessels assume financial responsibility for damage.

(*) additional skill requirements