Donate your boat.

DO YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING NICE???? We gratefully accept donations of boats, tools and other things to support our activities. In the United States, charitable giving to qualified nonprofit organizations has long been encouraged by the federal government. The IRS encourages financial support of these organizations. Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing, Inc. qualifies as such an entity, under IRS Code 501 (c)(3) and the IRS has continued our designation of this approval since 2012. Your donation may be tax deductible. The Tax code has changed recently and it is advisable to discuss deductibility with your tax advisor. To make a donation of a boat, tools or other material things, please contact us at (989) 820-5644 or email [email protected], or use the contact us page.

How to Donate My Boat, Tools and Other Material:
1. Contact HCS&R
2. An Inspection is arranged
3. Paperwork is provided for filing
4. Delivery is arranged at no cost to you
5. Your potentially tax-deductible donation is complete
How do I benefit:
• Have the satisfaction of knowing that your donation benefits the
maritime programs of Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing
• Eliminate the time, energy, expense, and stress involved in trying to
sell your boat.
• End all expenses now for dockage, insurance, maintenance,storage,

repairs, financial investment, and interest.
• Pay no sale commissions, avoid providing buyer’s marine surveys or
dealing with sea trials.
• Complete the entire transaction in a few days.

How does the Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing benefit?
• Expand our training programs to meet maritime needs.
• Update our technology for use in our classrooms.

Donated Mutineer 15 in action at the Sailing School.

Another donated Mutineer 15 in action at the Sailing School.