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Heritage-23 rowing skiff design

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Youth Sailing Program
Membership and Waiver Required to participate.

The Heritage Coast Sailing "Youth Sailing Program" (ages 7 to 17) began in late July 2018 with its newly acquired fleet of Hunter Xcite sailboats.  Our set up tent, one of the safety boats (HCS&R build project with local support) and the some of the Hunter Xcite boats are shown below.  Our Xcite fleet consists of 12 Hunter Xcite boats.  Each boat weighs 115 pounds and fully loaded with one or two people with a maximum load of 200 pounds.  The boats are designed to not sink with foam filled hulls and an easy recovery via the open transom to spill out water from a knock down or for the crew to pull themselves back into the boat easily.  Our safety personnel boat and the instructor and safety adults are always very nearby to assist in the event of an overboard or knockdown situation.

              Tent staging area                                                                      Safety boat                  

     Instructor dinghy on left and getting ready to sail                                    The older class near graduation day              
                                                                                                             (safety boats just out side of the picture)

Our first class with 15 students was conducted over a two week period with two groups of children ages 7 to 17 at the new East Tawas State Dock.  The class was split into two groups by age with the youngest group starting at 9 AM to noon and the older group from1 PM to 4 PM.  Water sessions were limited to a 7 knot wind speed and favorable direction with the safety of the children a priority.  Most of the skills learn were limited to sailing within the East Tawas State Dock area which was protected from waves and wind.  David Wentworth, chairman of HCS&R, said "the sandy beach and the sailing area protected by Tawas Point and the State Dock proved to be an ideal location for the school. We appreciate the wonderful support of the dock personnel. We are thrilled we had 2 full classes this first year and look forward to expanding our program in the future. The foundations of all community programs are their volunteers. We were very fortunate to have a wonderful crew of committed volunteers.  A special thank you to Rebecca Buchanan, program chair person, and Mary Gmeiner, HCS&R member and certified instructor through US Sailing."  Two safety adults manned the motorized safety boat while the certified instructor and adult safety crew in the dinghy took the children through their exercises.  Upon successful graduation, the basic graduates will be able to receive more training next year and will be able to eventually move up to sailing the Heritage 23 (with adult crew members and safety boats nearby) in the future.  New classes will be formed for 2019 in the near future.  If you would like to participate in the future classes, there is a fee to participate and details will be provided by contacting us regarding new classes.  Additional classes may be scheduled in 2018 if our certified instructor and our safety personnel are available to conduct the classes.  Contact us for more details.  

Small Boat General Skills - Beginner  US Sailing's Small Boat Curriculum:

    1. Wind Direction
    2. Rigging Unrigging
    3. Knots/Lines
    4. Rules of the road
    5. Departure/Landing
    6. Steering
    7. SafetyPosition
    8. Tacking
    9. Points o Sail
    10. Jibing
    11. Capsize Recovery
    12. Overboard Recovery
    13. Getting out oflrons
    14. Upwind Sailing

There is more information on the Youth Sailing Program in the Iosco County News-Herald article dated July 31, 2018.  (To read the article on line, click here.)

For adult sailing, we will be located at the East Tawas State dock and are available for rowers on Mondays. The Heritage 23 requires a crew of 5.  See the full details below the picture.  The Heritage-23 is available and the Penobscot-14 will soon be available to sail. 

Boat sailing in Tawas Bay 

We are looking for a rowing instructor for 2015.  We do not have the resources to employ a sailing instructor at this time, but plan to have on onboard in 2015. As a result, we do not have the ability to instruct new sailors at this time. 

Experienced sailors who are members of Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing can us the boat to sail if

1. They have documentation of their experience.
        A. Sailing log
        B. US Sail Certification
        C. Other Certified School certificate(s)
        D. A sailing resume form must be completed and submitted.

2. And can demonstrate to the Boatswain that they are capable.  When authorized by the Boatswain, the H-23 can be scheduled and used as a sail boat.  The H-23 is a unique boat, having two lug sails, and falls outside the experience of most sailors so the Boatswain will be very strict with regard to its use. Please do not become offended if use is not authorized.

Boat scheduling is handled through the boat scheduler program as described in the Rowing Program write-up.  

Sailing the Heritage-23

Click on the thumbnails below for a larger picture



For questions or comments on the Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing Inc web site, please contact the  webmaster.

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